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Published Date: 2017-05-09 09:55:50
Subject: PRO/PL> Undiagnosed fungus, mango - Bangladesh: (RP)
Archive Number: 20170509.5022580
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Date: Wed 3 May 2017
Source: The Financial Express [edited]

The production of mango may decrease across Rangpur owing to huge dropping and damaging of tender buds. The region witnessed untimely rain at the initial stage of budding. This [2017] season mango has been cultivated on around 38 000 hectares [93 900 acres] in 5 districts of Rangpur.

Farming of the popular fruit faced serious setback in many areas due to fungal disease, hail, and storm. Huge quantities of immature fruits fell off the trees and thus perished, resulting in less output. [Farmers] incur huge loss as almost all trees have become fruitless which occurred by untimely rainfall and fungal disease.

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[Mango (_Mangifera indica_) is one of the most important fruits worldwide. A number of fungal diseases affecting the crop have been reported in the region, including anthracnose, mildews, leaf and stem blights, diebacks, and root rots. Many of these fungi are favoured by humidity. Furthermore, wounds due to weather or other mechanical damage, as described above, may provide easy entrance points for infection.

Even though the damage to the current crop reported above is irreversible, reliable diagnosis of the pathogen(s) involved is still needed so that appropriate management strategies can be designed to prevent carry-over of the respective fungi to affect the next season's yield.

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