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Bioethics Observatory ► Queer gender ideology au vent, FIV & congenital anomalies, etc. nº25

nº 25

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Queer theory as a ideolgy is already a queer

agenda that encompasses various fields, from the media to politics and academia, via, of course, education

Queer theory : An anthropological revolution

The “bearded lady”  won the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. The person concerned is a fictional character called Conchita Wurst who is, to all appearances, femal.... Where does this character come from? Is it a one-off event, a media game … 


euthanasia in Belgium


Paediatric euthanasia in Belgium

 An article published in JAMA (311, 1963-1964, 2014) last May, which discussed various aspects of paediatric euthanasia en Belgium.  … Leer más.
Congenital anomalies

in IVF children

Congenital anomalies in children from frozen embryo

 One topic with objective ethical implications is whether using embryos that have been frozen and thawed prior to their transfer can predispose children born after using this technique to have more health problems than …Leer más.
Capital punishment: its

ejecution can not be considered as a medical act

Capital punishment: should have a doctor present in its ejecution ?

A subject with major ethical undertones, widely debated in the United States, is to determine whether or not a physician or experienced medical personnel should be present at executions... The article reported that a group … Leer más.


debate how manay embryos are destroyed

IVF Embryos debate of transferring one or several

A frequent debate is whether it is better to transfer one or several embryos to obtain better results, as regards pregnancy and birth rates, with minimal risk …
Gene therapy applied to

ventricular tachyarrhythmias

Gene therapy applied to ventricular tachyarrhythmi

A hereditary disease that can cause ventricular tachyarrhythmias, and may be fatal in up to 50% of patients by 20 years of age. Its cause is well known to be due to abnormalities  … Leer más.

In vitro fertilization thromboembolic problems

One of the problems of in vitro fertilization is that it can increase the risk of thrombotic problems after the birth of the child. A recent study (Human Reproduction 29; 611-617,2014) appears to confirm this, since the incidence of thrombosis was 27.9 per 10,000 pregnancies in the case of in vitro fertilization and 17.5 per 10,000 in the control group. … Leer más.
adult stem cells therapy for scllerosis

Adult stem cell therapy of severe sclerosis

Severe systemic sclerosis is a disease that causes generalised skin sclerosis and abnormalities in the internal organs. It has a mortality rate of between 30% and 50% in the first five years of the disease. It can be treated with immunosuppressant drugs, but the results are uncertain. Now… Leer más.

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