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Mucky Duck’s #GetCovered Story: Pub Serves Employee Health

Dept. of Health & Human Services
Jan 29, 2015
By: Teresa Andrews, Houston and Rusty Andrews, Houston
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Teresa: Our business is McGonigel’s Mucky Duck and it’s a live music venue and supper club, a place for people to gather.
Rusty: I book the music and she does just about everything else. We have a core group of 25 employees and we have been in business for almost 25 years.
Teresa: “Everything else” includes looking after our employees, many of whom are in their 20s.  We’ve always offered health insurance to them, but before the Affordable Care Act, most of them couldn’t afford to pay their part of the premiums. The importance of being covered, however, really hit home when one of their colleagues, who was uninsured, had to have his appendix taken out. The $30,000 in medical bills was horrifying for him and his family.
When the Small Business Health Options Program [SHOP] Health Insurance Market Place became available, I found several health plans that looked fantastic, and so much less expensive than before, because of the greater choices and lower rates. With the tax credits offered to small employers, we were able to cover a bit more of the cost to help make the policies more affordable. We had an employee meeting to explain the plans and costs and everybody was excited about it.
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