viernes, 28 de agosto de 2015

Electronic Staffing Data Submission PBJ Update

CMS Open Door Forum

Electronic submission of staffing data for long-term care facilities - Payroll Based Journal (PBJ).
Registration is OPEN and ALL Long-term Care facilities are encouraged to register for the voluntary data submission period.  Please use the resources listed below to register:
 Registration Training:
  • Obtain a CMSNet User ID for PBJ Individual, Corporate and Third Party users, if you don’t already have one for other QIES applications (
  • Obtain a PBJ QIES Provider ID for CASPER Reporting and PBJ system access(
  • PBJ Corporate and Third-Parties must use the current form based process to register for a QIES ID. Registration forms are available under the Access Request Information / Forms section on the right side of the page (
For technical questions on how to register, please email
Additionally, CMS has posted an updated PBJ Policy Manual Draft and a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers about PBJ instructions and policies.  Please visit for more information.  For policy related questions, please email

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