lunes, 24 de agosto de 2015

More new Quality of Trauma in Adult Care (QTAC) Team, University of Calgary Quality Indicators in Adult Trauma Care


Health care services aspire to deliver high standards of care. It is for that reason that the quality of care provided to patients needs to be measured, otherwise how can high standards be maintained. In the trauma arena, professional trauma societies and provider organizations have advocated using quality indicators (QI) to measure and report quality of care as a critical step towards improving the care of injured patients. 
The Quality of Trauma in Adult Care (QTAC) research group has developed a set of quality indicators to measure the quality of care to adult injured patients in order to help deliver a high standard of care. These quality indicators are presented here. QTAC investigators view this website as an invitation to anyone involved in trauma care to contribute ideas and suggestion orientated to improve performance activities. The suggested ideas will be periodically reviewed and included in the revised version.
QTAC is a multi-disciplinary team in quality improvement research in Canada. QTAC investigators and collaborators have been involved individually and in collaboration with various sectors of health research, specifically the clinical, health services and population health sectors. QTAC is based at the University of Calgary, Institute of Public Health in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. QTAC is committed to develop and maintain a long-term, sustainable, national research program dedicated to performance improvement activities.
The QTAC research program will be guided by the need for evidence-informed health policy as it applies to improve quality of care for adult injured patients, with its very significant burden on individuals and society as a whole in Canada.

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