lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

SAMHSA News: Responsible Health Information Technology

Health Information Technology—
What It Means for You

Both health information technology (IT) and electronic health records are central to improving the delivery of services so that all Americans—including those with behavioral health conditions—benefit from health care system reform.
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View From the Administrator: Embracing Health Information Technology

It is important to note the vast improvements that health information technology will bring to integrated, prevention-focused health care delivery.
Responsible Health IT: Balancing Privacy and Progress in Behavioral Health

Also in This Issue

Using Social Media To Save Lives

In December 2011, SAMHSA launched a first-of-its-kind service in collaboration with Facebook and the SAMHSA-funded National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Study Finds One in Five American Adults With Mental Illness

National Survey on Drug Use and Health shows 45.9 million adults across the United States experienced mental illness in the past year.

SAMHSA's Budget Affirms Commitment to Behavioral Health

SAMHSA's Fiscal Year 2013 Budget supports efforts to increase access to and improve quality of behavioral health services nationwide.

SAMHSA's Prevention Day

More than 1,700 substance abuse professionals, grantees, and community partners gathered at the National Harbor for SAMHSA's Prevention Day.

Celebrating 20 Years of Behavioral Health Advances

SAMHSA is celebrating its 20th birthday—and the progress the behavioral health field has made in prevention, treatment, and recovery.

SAMHSA Releases Two New Resources

The latest in SAMHSA's Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) series is now available in the SAMHSA Store.

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