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HCUP-US Statistical Briefs by topic

HCUP-US Statistical Briefs by topic

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HCUP Statistical Briefs

HCUP Statistical Briefs provide health care statistics on hospital inpatient stays, emergency department visits, and ambulatory surgeries. Topics include medical conditions treated, procedures performed, patient populations served, and quality of care. Information is presented in tables and figures, accompanied by explanatory text.

Statistical Briefs in this series are organized by topic below and can be accessed in reverse chronological order. You can also search by keyword using the HCUP keyword search feature.

Hospital Inpatient

Emergency Department (ED)

Quality of Care
Medical Conditions
Patient Populations

Insurance Status
Procedures & Treatments
Statistical Briefs are included under their main subject area and may be listed under multiple topics. Some concepts such as costs/charges and insurance coverage are mentioned in many Statistical Briefs.

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