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2014 Edition Test Release 2: Approved Test Methods

The 2014 Edition Release 2 Test Procedures have been approved by the National Coordinator for Health IT and are now ready for use in the ONC Health IT Certification Program. These test procedures were developed for use in the ONC Health IT Certification Program per the 2014 Edition Release 2 Electronic Health Record (EHR) Certification Criteria and the ONC HIT Certification Program; Regulatory Flexibilities, Improvements, and Enhanced Health Information Exchange Final Rule (79 FR 54429) published in the Federal Register on September 11, 2014. A Federal Register Notice will follow.

To perform certification to optional criteria {(b)(8) & (e)(1)} using the Implementation Guide for Direct Edge Protocols, The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has developed an Edge Testing Tool (ETT). Edge Systems (e.g., EHRs) and Health Information Service Providers (HISPs) will use the ETT to perform certification testing. This test tool is currently in in 30 day pilot period, after which it will be finalized for use in the ONC Health IT Certification program. The tool and related documents can be accessed at the NIST webpage, and we encourage you to pilot the tool using the draft test procedures (in the documents tab). At the conclusion of this pilot, these final two optional 2014 R2 certification criteria test methods will be finalized.

Below is an outline of the approved Test procedures:

Table 1: 2014 Test Procedures—New and Revised
CFRTitleStatusAdditional Info
§ 170.314(a)(1)Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE)RevisedName change on criterion.

(a)(1)(iii) is now “diagnostic imaging” instead of “radiology/imaging.”
§ 170.314(a)(18)Optional –CPOE-medicationsNew

Split out the testing info from the current CPOE (a)(1)Test Procedure into 3 separate



§ 170.314(a)(19)Optional – CPOE - laboratoryNew
§ 170.314(a)(20)Optional –CPOE-diagnostic imagingNew
§ 170.314(b)(9)Optional - clinical information reconciliation and incorporation.NewPulled from current § 170.314(b)(1)&(4) test procedure to separate message content and transport functions/testing.
§ 170.314(f)(7)Optional – ambulatory setting only – transmission to public health agencies – syndromic surveillanceNewNew optional test procedure that does not require transmission standards.
§ 170.314(g)(1)Optional – Automated numerator recording.RevisedChanged to “optional” designation and thus removed from the 2014 Edition Complete EHR definition
§ 170.314(g)(3)Safety-enhanced designRevisedUpdated current test procedure to reflect the new references to (a)(18-20) & (b)(9), as well as the change to term “diagnostic imaging”.
§ 170.314(h)(1)Optional –Transmit—Applicability Statement

for Secure Health
NewTransmission test procedures from (b)(1) & (2)  pulled out for each of these different transport standards and made them separate.

(h)(1)= (b)(1)(i)(A) & (b)(2)(ii)(A)

(h)(2)= (b)(1)(i)(B) & (b)(2)(ii)(B)

(h)(3)= (b)(1)(i)(C) & (b)(2)(ii)(C)
§ 170.314(h)(2)Optional –Transmit—Applicability Statement

for Secure Health Transport

and XDR/XDM for Direct Messaging
§ 170.314(h)(3)Optional –Transmit—SOAP Transport and Security Specification and XDR/XDM for Direct MessagingNew
§ 170.314(a)(16)(a)(16) Inpatient setting only-electronic medication administration record

(d)(2) Auditable events and tamper-resistance

(e)(1)View, download, and transmit to 3rd party
RevisedNetwork Time Protocol (NTP) test procedure component. Update Test Procedures to explicitly clarify the testing responsibilities within the scope of the NTP
§ 170.314(d)(2)
§ 170.314(e)(1)
§ 170.314(a)(8)Clarify and add the cross reference to  TOC and CIRI:  Change from(b)(1)(iii)  TO  (b)(1)(iii)(B) or (b)(9)(ii)(D) Revised 
**Note: Test procedures for b(8) & e(1) new & revised criteria from the 2014 Edition Release 2 Final Rule are delayed as they are dependent on the ETT tool that is currently being piloted.

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