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Trichinellosis Surveillance — United States, 2008–2012 || MMWR Vol. 64 / No. SS-1

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MMWR Surveillance Summaries
Vol. 64, No. SS-1
January 16, 2015
Trichinellosis Surveillance — United States, 2008–2012 
Nana O. Wilson, PhD, Rebecca L. Hall, MPH, Susan P. Montgomery, DVM, et al.
MMWR Surveill Summ 2015;64(No. SS-1)
Trichinellosis is a parasitic disease that occurs following consumption of
raw or undercooked meat infected with Trichinella larvae. During 2008–2012,
a total of 90 cases of trichinellosis were reported to CDC. Pork products
were associated with 22 cases, including 10 that were linked with commercial
pork products, six that were linked with wild boar, and one that was linked with
home-raised swine. Meats other than pork were associated with 45 cases,
including 41 that were linked with bear meat, two that were linked with deer
meat, and two that were linked with ground beef. The continued identification
of cases related to both pork and nonpork sources indicates that public
education about trichinellosis and the dangers of consuming raw or
undercooked meat still is needed.

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