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CDC Hepatitis Updates – Viral Hepatitis Surveillance– U.S., 2013

CDC Hepatitis Updates – Viral Hepatitis Surveillance– U.S., 2013

Viral Hepatitis Updates from CDC
Surveillance for Viral Hepatitis – United States, 2013
CDC released the 2013 Viral Hepatitis Surveillance Report, which provides data on the number of new cases of hepatitis A, B, and C as well as data to inform our understanding of the current epidemiology of chronic hepatitis B and C in the United States. http://www.cdc.gov/hepatitis/Statistics/2013Surveillance/index.htm

Thunderclap - Hepatitis Awareness Month 
Participate in the
 Be #HepAware Thunderclap on May 19th. Thunderclap is a social media tool that allows supporters to sign up in advance and share a unified message simultaneously across social media platforms to create a wave or “thunderclap”.  Supporters can use Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr accounts to sign up for a one time post that will be sent on May 19th at 12:00 p.m. EDT/9:00 a.m. PDT. Join this effort and visithttp://thndr.it/1z5X2cF to sign up and help spread the word to your followers. 

Hepatitis C & Injection Drug Use Fact Sheet
CDC has developed a fact sheet on Hepatitis C and injection drug use. The fact sheet includes an overview of hepatitis C including symptoms, testing, transmission, prevention, treatment, and reinfection.

A Guide to Comprehensive Hepatitis C Counseling and Testing

CDC has developed two professional resources in support of hepatitis C counseling and testing in public health and primary care settings. Manual for use is public health settings [PDF - 60 pages]
Manual for use in primary care practices [PDF - 14 pages]

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