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Errors in SAS QI 5.0 - PSI and PDI modules

Errors in SAS QI 5.0 - PSI and PDI modules

Errors were found in the newly released SAS QI 5.0 software in the PSI and PDI modules. The software has now been fixed and the updated version is ready for download.
Dear QI Users,

After extensive additional testing, AHRQ identified two issues in SAS QI Version 5.0 which will require an update to the SAS software. 
The first issue affects the calculation of the PSI and PDI composite measures. Values of signal variances contained in the PSI and PDI composite array files are incorrect and yield inaccurate composite scores and variances.
The second issue affects the calculation of smoothed rates for the PSI, IQI and PDI modules. The SAS code that computes the shrinkage weights nee​ded for smoothing provider-level rates contains an error.
These issues are isolated to the Version 5.0 SAS software. We recommend that users wishing to calculate the PSI or PDI composites or smoothed rates for any indicator re-download the updated Version 5.0a software available now from the AHRQ QI Website. 
We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience but are happy to report that the issues have now been fixed.  

Click here for the updated version of SAS QI 5.0 PDI module: http://www.qualityindicators.ahrq.gov/Downloads/Software/SAS/V50/PDI_SAS_V501_2015-04-23_QI_SOFTWARE.zip           


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