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FDA-TRACK Update: CTP combats youth tobacco use through “The Real Cost” campaign

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FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) national youth tobacco prevention campaign, “The Real Cost,” was awarded a gold Effie in the Disease Awareness and Education category at the 2015 North American Effie Awards in June 2015. The campaign was recognized as one of the most effective marketing efforts of the past year for its insightful communications strategy, outstanding creative, and success in market. The Effie is a prestigious award for all areas of marketing communications.
“The Real Cost” campaign launched in February 2014 and is the FDA’s first national public education campaign designed to prevent young people from using tobacco and to reduce the number of kids ages 12-17 who smoke. The campaign aims to make teens hyperconscious of the real cost of every cigarette through breakthrough, fresh portrayals of the health and addiction risks of tobacco. Paid media for the campaign is reaching more than 95 percent of the target audience and has generated more than 3 billion digital impressions on youth-focused websites.
CTP is investing in a number of public education campaigns and plans to launch future campaigns to help educate the public – especially youth – about the dangers of regulated tobacco products. Rooted in science, these efforts are directly linked to FDA’s authority to regulate the marketing and sales of tobacco products.  To track progress on CTP’s public education campaign outreach, please visit thepublic education campaign measures and the CTP Dashboard.

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