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CDER SBIA Chronicles- Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation: Improved Benefit-Risk Information

FDA/CDER's Small Business and Industry Assistance (CDER SBIA)

CDER SBIA Chronicles
Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation: Improved Benefit-Risk Information
The topic of this month’s issue of the FDA/CDER Small Business Chronicles is titled “Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation: Improved Benefit-Risk Information” and discusses the Pregnancy and Lactation Labeling Rule (PLLR). This rule sets standards for how information about using medicines during pregnancy and breastfeeding is presented in the labeling of prescription drugs and biological products.  FDA has posted quite a bit on this topic, but we hope that this two-page summary will help you obtain a quick overview of the requirements along with where to find in-depth information and guidance.
The purpose of this newsletter, the FDA/CDER SBIA Chronicles, is to provide industry with useful information to assist in all aspects of drug marketing and regulation. As always, we would appreciate your input regarding topics that you would like us to write about. If you have topics of interest, please email us atCDERSBIA@fda.hhs.gov

Our previous newsletters are archived on our webpage at: http://www.fda.gov/cdersmallbusinesschronicles.

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