jueves, 22 de enero de 2015

ISO hospitals wanting to improve informed consent

ISO hospitals wanting to improve informed consent

AHRQ Seeks Hospitals for Informed Consent Pilot

AHRQ seeks four hospitals to pilot test two web-based training modules to improve the process for obtaining informed consent to treatment. Pilot test results will be used to improve the training modules, which were developed by Abt Associates Inc. and The Joint Commission.

Each hospital will: 1) train 100-150 individuals (hospital leaders and health care professionals, who will receive continuing education credit), and 2) implement one or more of the tools and strategies presented in the modules in four patient care areas, including at least one surgical unit. The pilot test will last approximately 6 months.

AHRQ seeks participation by hospitals that recognize that informed consent requires more than just a patient’s signature on a form, and seek to ensure that patients are making an informed choice.

To get more information about project and participation requirements contact Sarah J. Shoemaker by email (sarah_shoemaker@abtassoc.com) or telephone at (617) 349-2472. You will be asked to make an expression of interest no later than February 9th.

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