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Fundamentación de la bioética : Life before death: How dying affects living minds
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DEATH is part of everyday life. There are reminders everywhere – from novels and newspapers to that mole you've been meaning to get checked out. It's too grim to contemplate, so we try to forget. But researchers have long known that awareness of death and the fear it inspires affects decision-making. The question is how?

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The bioethics of genetic diversity
by Xavier Symons | 6 Jun 2015 | (1)

tags: designer babies, genetic diversity, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, procreative altruism

The latest issue of the American Journal of Bioethics examines the topic of new reproductive technologies and genetic diversity. A series of articles discuss the ethical issues surrounding the protection of genetic variation in a population.

Monash bioethicist Robert Sparrow’s ‘Imposing Genetic Diversity’ – the target article for the discussion – considers the radical implications of arguments against the new eugenics that focus on the importance of diversity.

Sparrow, though himself no friend of eugenic logic, questions whether arguments about the value of diversity could potentially have authoritarian implications. If we desire to conserve genetic variation and naturally occurring instances of disability in our world, then why shouldn’t we protect disability and – in extreme cases where disability begins to disappear – impose disability on populations.

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