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Gender Ideolgy checkmate, Generating Retina tissue major advance, etc. Nº 32

China Harvesting Organs from Prisoners/Top Medical Advances 2014: Cell Therapy, nº 31

nº 32


Gender ideology study documents exposed the
completely anti-scientific character of the "research". sexuality is that human dimension by virtue of which the person is capable of a
specific personal contribution

Has gender ideology been checkmated?

Past summer, "Gender Ideology" was dealt a devastating blow, oddly enough in the countries that pioneered this theory, when the Nordic Council of Ministers closed down the Nordic Gender Institute. It is notable that the news had little impact among us,perhaps because it is a dominant ideology that ...Leer más.
Early embryonic development It
develops in a surprisingly ordered,continuous and gradual is the same organism that after eight weeks will reveal human form

Early embryonic development - He who will be a man is already one

When we listen to statements on early embryo development such as how a human embryo is not a human being, or that it is only a cluster of cells, or other phrases that try to take away importance from the early stages of human life, we must remember …Leer más.


iPS cells for generating
retinal tissue major medical advance which could replace the use of human embryonic stem cells since the tissue is from the pacient

iPS cells for generating retinal tissue is a major medical advance

Are iPS cells useful for treating retinal diseases? There are a number of retinal diseases that affect many people.  Three recent articles have described their experiments in generating retinal tissue. The first describes the in-vitro…Leer más.

Eugenic practice - Embryo selection to improve the efficacy of IVF

Embryo selection is a common practice carried out in an effort to improve the efficacy of in-vitro fertilisation. Its aim is to select the best embryos for transfer, which appears to improve the efficacy. However, this is clearly eugenic practice , as it will allow some embryos to live for health reasons and others not. The best are transferred and … Leer más.
Genome production While this is unquestionably a major finding we must watch its possible practical applications and the ethical
aspects involved

Genome production with artificial nucleotides

What the genome production event means, its possible practical applications and the ethical aspects involved in these new scientific advances. The first genome has been produced with artificial … Leer más.
World efficacy report about Assisted reproduction techniques contrasts with the figuresgenerally provided by many of the clinics that offer these

Assisted reproduction techniques - World low efficacy

The thirteenth report on the efficacy of assisted reproduction techniques worldwide, and the eighth produced by the International CommitteeforMonitoringAssistedReproductiveTechnologies (ICMART) has just been published  The latest ICMART report includes data on cycles performed in …
Predatory journals is one important issue in
scientific ethics

Predatory journals is one important issue in scientific ethics

One important issue in scientific ethics is the proliferation of  "predatory journals". These are journals that request articles through very aggressive marketing and spam e-mails  whilst paying. In these journals, there is  no control  … Leer más.

Mini artificial organs have useful applications

Stomachs, intestines and oesophaguses, among others, have now been added to the list of mini artificial organs, three-dimensional (3D) tissues manufactured in the laboratory to emulate various organ structures. The most ambitious goal is to improve the techniques to generate organs that can be transplanted. However, these mini organs are not a mere intermediate step, as they already have useful … Leer más.


Cocaine use effects. New negative medical data by a
Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance study showed new risks

Cocaine use effects. New negative medical data

It is generally agreed that cocaine use effects are negative for health. An study (Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 16; 26, 2014) found that left ventricular dysfunction was detected in 34% of users, cardiac dilatation in 15% and cardiac hypertrophy in 30%.

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis to detect foetal abnormalities. A new technique

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis to detect foetal abnormalities has a sensitivity of 85% and a false positive rate of 5%. What we must not forget, however, is that it also has a 1% risk of death for the foetus. It now seems that the tests performed by analysing the mother's blood are more sensitive (around 99% for Down's Syndrome), give fewer … Leer más.
Female sterilisation risks - eight deaths
in India

Female sterilisation risks - eight deaths in India

Female sterilisation risks had caused 8 deaths in Indian women and 50 have had to be hospitalised in the Indian state of Bilaspur, as a result of sterilisation surgery. The hospitalised women suffered  … Leer más.

Genome sequencing of an unborn child

The genome of an unborn child has been sequenced for the first time. While this might have been done on other occasions, it is apparently the first time that it has been made public (Science 344; 1324,2014).

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