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Experimentación con seres humanos : Sound the Alarm: Fraud in Neuroscience
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Sound the Alarm: Fraud in Neuroscience - Dana Foundation

Sound the Alarm: Fraud in Neuroscience By Stephen G. Lisberger
May 02, 2013

Editor’s Note: We expect scientists to follow a code of honor and conduct and to report their research honestly and accurately, but so-called scientific misconduct, which includes plagiarism, faked data, and altered images, has led to a tenfold increase in the number of retractions over the past decade. Among the reasons for this troubling upsurge is increased competition for journal placement, grant money, and prestigious appointments. The solutions are not easy, but reform and greater vigilance is needed.

Do scientists cheat? If so, what are their motives? Are there just a few occasional offenders, or does the recent spate of scientific misconduct cases represent the tip of an iceberg? How much of a problem is subconscious cheating? How can we police ourselves so that fraud decreases, even as the pressures on scientists grow?

These are questions I ask myself as the chief editor of an international journal, the chair of a neurobiology department, and the principle investigator of a systems neuroscience laboratory.

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