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Innovations & QualityTools | AHRQ Innovations Exchange

Innovations & QualityTools | AHRQ Innovations Exchange
AIDS Care Project Makes Acupuncture Treatment Accessible to People Living With HIV/AIDS 6/5/2013
The AIDS Care Project increases access to free and low-cost acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and shiatsu for underinsured Boston-area residents with human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and other conditions.
Bilingual, Culturally Competent Managers Enhance Access to Prenatal Care for Migrant Women, Leading to Potential for Improved Birth Outcomes 6/5/2013
The Migrant Clinicians Network Prenatal Care Program seeks to ensure continuity of care for expectant mothers who begin prenatal care in one location and move for employment purposes during their pregnancy. Bilingual, culturally competent staff link migrant patients with prenatal services and manage their medical records throughout the pregnancy.
Capitated Health Center Uses Health Coaches to Manage Chronic Illnesses, Leading to Improved Clinical Outcomes 6/5/2013
Trained, bilingual medical assistants in a capitated health center serve as health coaches to chronically ill (often diabetic) patients of similar ethnic or racial backgrounds, leading to better disease management and clinical outcomes for those with diabetes, very positive feedback from patients and center staff, and low turnover among medical assistants and coaches.
Co-Located, Independent Primary Care and Specialty Practices Collaborate to Enhance Access, Improve Quality and Satisfaction 6/5/2013
A medical complex houses a primary care practice, a wide array of specialty practices, and ancillary service providers who operate independently but collaborate closely to provide same-day access and communicate in real time on individual cases, leading to improvements in breast and colon cancer screening rates and to higher physician and patient satisfaction.
Comprehensive Bundle of Strategies Improves Emergency Department Turnaround Time, Reduces Boarding Time and Patients Leaving Without Being Treated 6/5/2013
A comprehensive bundle of process improvement strategies improved patient turnaround time in the emergency department, which in turn led to fewer patients leaving before being treated.
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Establishing a Child Health Improvement Partnership: A How-to Guide 6/5/2013
This guide attempts to share the best thinking and knowledge about what existing IPs have been able to accomplish.
Vermont Child Health Improvement Program: Tools and Resources 6/5/2013
This Web site provides tools and resources developed by the VCHIP that can assist in carrying out quality improvement projects.
Health Information Exchange Toolkits 6/5/2013
This Web page from the HIMSS offers three toolkits that provide information about HIE organizations, networks, and initiatives at the local, regional, and State level.
National Rural Health Resource Center: Health Information Exchange Toolkit 6/5/2013
The National Rural Health Resource Center developed this HIE toolkit, which contains resources designed for rural providers including hospitals, health networks, and others.
Integrating Primary and Mental Health Care Services Learning Modules 5/29/2013
This learning unit consists of videos of mini-lectures that are designed to educate nurses about integrating primary and mental health care services.
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Innovations & QualityTools | AHRQ Innovations Exchange

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