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Free MONAHRQ® Software Now Offers More Data Analysis, Measures, and Improved Reporting

AHRQ’s new version 4.1 of MONAHRQ® — My Own Network Powered by AHRQ — offers free software to help users create customized Web sites for internal quality improvement or reporting quality information to the public. The tool significantly reduces the time and amount of money that organizations would otherwise need for compiling, analyzing, and posting comparison reports on quality of hospital care, its cost, and how that care is used. The latest version enhances an organization’s ability to report hospital costs, provide information about hospital emergency department use, and summarize information by hospital and by county, among other improvements. Select to access MONAHRQ 4.1.


My Own Network, Powered by AHRQ

MONAHRQ® is a desktop software tool that enables organizations - such as state and local data organizations, regional reporting collaboratives, hospitals and hospital systems, and health plans - to quickly and easily generate a health care reporting Website. MONAHRQ® analyzes, summarizes, and presents information in a format ready for use by consumers and other decision makers on:
  • Quality of care at the hospital level,
  • Health care utilization at the hospital level,
  • Preventable hospitalizations at the area level, and
  • Rates of conditions and procedures at the area level.
  • Estimated costs and cost-savings related to the quality of care
MONAHRQ® lets you create a Website using your own inpatient discharge data, pre-calculated AHRQ Quality Indicators results, inpatient and outpatient measures from CMS Hospital Compare, and/or HCAHPS survey measures.

Any organization can use MONAHRQ® to generate a reporting Website. You simply:
  • Download MONAHRQ®
  • Load your data
  • Select Website options
  • Generate the Website onto your own computer
  • Host the Website yourself
For a full demonstration Website generated by MONAHRQ, visit the MONAHRQ® 4.1 demo site.

For links to live reporting Websites generated using MONAHRQ, visit the MONAHRQ® Websites page.

For more detailed documentation on measures and methods used by MONAHRQ® download the Host User Guide (PDF file, 11.3 MB). For information on how to improve health care quality in key areas, visit the My Quality Improvement page.

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