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National Survey of Family Growth Update

National Survey of Family Growth Update

National Survey of Family Growth Update

We are pleased to announce the release of a new report today.  The report is entitled, “Responsive Design, Weighting, and Variance Estimation in 2006-2010 National Survey of Family Growth.”  The report was authored by James Lepkowski of the University of Michigan, William Mosher of NCHS, and Robert Groves, Brady West, James Wagner, and Haley Gu of the University of Michigan.   

The report shows fieldwork results, including response rates, and the results of weighting, imputation, and variance estimation procedures.   The report should be useful to users of the 2006-2010 public-use data file and to survey methodologists who wish to learn how the NSFG was conducted.  This report describes the results of the new features of the 2006-2010 NSFG design, including, among others:

A sample design with a small interviewing staff and rotating sampled areas (PSU’s).
Interviewer recruitment and assignment to a fixed 30-hour work week.
Continuous, real-time survey management with paradata to ration and allocate interviewer effort and control costs. 
Randomized experimental interventions to improve response rates.

And other techniques.  Some of these are illustrated with graphics to show the kinds of information used to make survey management decisions.

The report, which contains an Executive Summary, a Glossary of technical terms, and an Appendix reviewing the use of incentives in the survey, can be found at:

The NSFG Team

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