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New This Week on HealthIT.gov
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Meaningful Use Vanguards
You may of heard we reached a big milestone in April with more than half of all eligible providers in the country (51.2 percent) and nearly 80 percent of hospitals, meaningfully using or adopting health IT. While we think this level of adoption is worth some attention, we realize that there is still a long way to go in terms of making these systems easier for doctors and their office staff to use and to fully integrate them into the everyday work of providers.
In that vein, we are working with some top notch health care professionals across the country to help explain the benefits of EHRs both to nurses, doctors, hospitals and clinics, but also to the patients.
The Meaningful Use Vanguards (MUVers) are a prestigious group of providers, office staff, and administrators who are champions of health IT at their organization and in their local community. Learn more about these Health IT Vanguards located nationwide and how you can get involved.
For more data and information on how to leverage meaningful use, visit the EHR implementation lifecycle steps and check out the National Learning Consortium (NLC).
PCORI invests in research
In a guest post, the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Director Dr. Joe Selby and PCORI’s methods program acting director, Rachael Fleurence, explain their efforts to invest $68 million into a National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network. “We see this initiative as providing a much-needed national data infrastructure that will advance patient-centered comparative effectiveness research,” they write.
April MU EHRs
For those of you interested in all the new electronic health records out there, our latest "chart pack" includes the list of EHR products used for the attestation of meaningful use. You can peruse the file under the Meaningful Use page on our website.
Health Datapalooza IV
And finally, Health Datapalooza IV starts Monday. If you live in the Washington area you may still be able to stop by. One of the highlights this year is an ONC-sponsored Code-a-Palooza with Socrata.

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