lunes, 10 de junio de 2013

The case for a cohort : Nature Genetics : Nature Publishing Group

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The case for a cohort : Nature Genetics : Nature Publishing Group

The case for a cohort

Nature Genetics
Published online
Public health needs to be turned over to the public. Participation in genome-enabled research into the determinants of health is an important form of participation in society and a secure way to ensure the constant improvement of healthcare delivery.
Healthcare is not just consumed. It is subsidized and improved by the public in various ways and at varying levels of enthusiasm, from universal participation to the extraordinary efforts of rare volunteers. As a responsible citizen, you seek vaccination of yourself and your children to prevent epidemic disease in other members of your society. As a registered blood donor, the regular, healthy operation of your body contributes to the healthcare infrastructure where you live. As a stem cell donor, you can respond to an infrequent call for matching bone marrow. As a registered organ donor, even your death in a catastrophic accident can bring a life-saving transplant to someone else in need. You are part of a living cohort without whose regular efforts the delivery of healthcare would grind to a halt.
However, even with you...

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