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News This Week from HealthIT.gov

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Health Datapalooza
ONC and its Federal Partners are gearing up for Health Datapalooza IV taking place here in Washington June 3 – 4.
ONC is sponsoring a Code-a-Palooza with Socrata for the first ever live codeathon at Datapalooza. Ten teams will be selected to compete for $25,000 in prizes at the code-a-thon. The selected teams will compete to build an app, tool, or product that could be directly used by primary care providers and/or their office staff to improve the quality of care they deliver to their patients using Medicare data.  The exact topic for the Health Datapalooza Code-a-Palooza will be announced on June 2nd at the start of Health Datapalooza IV.
Along with National Coordinator Farzad Mostashari, MD, our top consumerista Lygeia Ricciardi, HIE guru Claudia Williams and Chief Privacy Officer Joy Pritts will be speaking.
The focus at this year’s datapalooza is how to use data to help patients engage in their own health. We will be talking a great deal about the Blue Button and Blue Button+ initiatives that allow patients to view, download and transmit their own health data.
We recently announced a new Apps for Tots challenge and the winner will be chosen at Datapalooza. You can read more about the challenge, which is aimed at more than just smart phones, on the ONC Buzz blog.
New Certification Buzz Blog
Also on the Buzz blog, we explained the process we follow to investigate complaints against EHR manufacturers. This came on the heels of an announcement that an ONC-authorized board revoked certification for a couple of EHR products that were retested and didn’t pass.
How To Implement EHRs
We published more resources on how to Implement EHRs this week, which help walk you through the steps of an EHR Implementation.  
·         Step 2: Plan Your Approach
·         Step 5: Achieve Meaningful Use
·         Step 6: Continue Quality Improvement  
The six steps outlined provide information for how to complete each step in the EHR Implementation process along with relevant resources and related FAQs. Click on each step to get detailed information from start to finish for an EHR implementation. 

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