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A Record of Progress on Health Information Technology

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A Record of Progress on Health Information Technology
CMS and ONC today posted a joint fact sheet that breaks down the progress we have made since the enactment of HITECH in the growth of health information technology. The fact sheet includes the latest adoption numbers among hospitals and eligible providers, the increased rate of electronic prescribing and our increased emphasis on interoperability and exchange.

In part it says that we are determined to “leverage HHS programs and resources to promote interoperability through multiple channels” and mentions our Request for Information about the policy levers that drive health information exchange and promotes the seamless and routine use of Health IT.

In addition to the growth in the adoption of electronic health records, we are seeing how health IT is helping to transform the nation’s health care system as part of the Affordable Care Act. Health IT provides the kind of smart data and analytics that are helping such programs as ACOs, bundled payments, PCMHs and value-based purchasing. CMS has reported a decrease in the hospital readmission rate which requires a robust health IT system to measure and achieve these results.

Please take a look at the fact sheet here:  http://go.cms.gov/17V5YGd

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