viernes, 10 de mayo de 2013

Friday, 5/17 at 2 pm EDT: Using an Electronic Health Record to Create Patient Problem Lists Banner

Health Resources and Services Administration
Health Information Technology and Quality Webinar
and Technical Assistance Resources
"Using an Electronic Health Record to
Create Patient Problem Lists"
Friday, May 17, 2:00 PM EDT
This webinar will focus on how safety net primary care providers can meaningfully use electronic health records (EHR) to create and maintain patient problem lists. Created by EHRs, patient problem lists are a core requirement of Meaningful Use. This function serves as a powerful tool for maintaining a patient's medical history while also helping to engage patients to better track and manage their health care.

Presenters will demonstrate how patient problem lists are created and maintained by EHRs, and share their strategies on how providers can use them for quality improvement and patient engagement. Lastly, staff from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will discuss the importance of patient problem lists in achieving Stage 1 and 2 of Meaningful Use.

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