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MercatorNet: The inhumanity of euthanasia in Belgium

MercatorNet: The inhumanity of euthanasia in Belgium
The inhumanity of euthanasia in Belgium

The inhumanity of euthanasia in Belgium

This brilliant short documentary explains why euthanasia abandons patients.
Michael Cook | Nov 30 2016 | comment 

Euthanasia is billed as a humane practice. But after watching this brief documentary about Belgium it’s hard to believe that. Euthanasia was legalised there in 2002 and since then about 8,000 cases have been officially registered. Experience shows that demand grows with availability. Now children and the mentally ill can be given a lethal injection.
As one doctor remarks, “If someone thinks that it is intolerable to have bad eyesight, and that it is incurable because they don’t want to wear glasses, then we are in a situation within the criteria of the law. They ask for it repeatedly, so what is the problem?”
The video was made by ADF International, a global partner of the US lobby group Alliance Defending Freedom, an alliance-building legal organization that advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith. It features several Belgians who have an intimate knowledge of their country’s euthanasia culture.

I’ve often heard that Adolf Hitler was a Christian who used Christian language and believed in God. In a fascinating interview in today’s lead story, Richard Weikart, the author of a new book on Hitler’s religion, rebuts this claim.
Weikart believes that Hitler despised Christianity. On the other hand, he rejects the widespread belief that he dabbled in occult practices. Hitler, he argues, was a pantheist who believed that Nature was God and that a Darwinian struggle for existence was divinely ordained. It’s a fascinating read. 

Michael Cook 

The inhumanity of euthanasia in Belgium
By Michael Cook
This brilliant short documentary explains why euthanasia abandons patients.
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