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MyCare: Share Your Health Care Stories | HealthCare.gov

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MyCare: Share Your Health Care Stories | HealthCare.gov

Take health care into your own hands

When the Affordable Care Act was signed into law two years ago on March 23, 2010, Americans began to take their health care into their own hands. MyCare is an initiative to educate Americans about new programs, benefits, and rights under the health care law.
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How to Share Your Story

Has the health care law, the Affordable Care Act, helped you? Use social media to share your story as we celebrate the second anniversary of the health care law. You can use Twitter or Facebook to share your stories with us. Here’s how:
Twitter: Sign in and send us a Tweet! Use the hashtag #MyCare or this Tweet button:
Facebook: You can leave a comment on one of the postings on our Facebook page.
Or you can send us a private message and attach your photos and videos: facebook link
Include this basic information in your private message: Your first name, the city and state in which you live, what you do, and how the law has helped you.
Please keep it simple and be sure to read our comment and privacy policy before participating. We may feature your story on HealthCare.gov or on our public Facebook page.

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