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Prevention Research Centers - Training Catalog - PRC

Prevention Research Centers - Training Catalog - PRC

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PRCs bridge academic study and practical, community application of information on health promotion and disease prevention. As a result, they are uniquely positioned as a resource for public health training.
This catalog lists training programs offered or sponsored by the centers and some of their affiliates. The courses are organized in three broad categories:
  • public health practitioners
  • public health advocates (includes community health workers, teachers, and members of community-based organizations)
  • students (includes graduate and undergraduate level).
Courses that may appeal to multiple audiences are cross-referenced.

The training covers a wide range of topics, and the courses or programs vary in length—from a few hours to several days to weekly sessions. The program formats differ as well; some are Web-based while others are conducted in person, often emphasizing small-group activities. To determine the schedule or possible fee associated with a course, contact the person or visit the Web site listed in the course description.

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