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Instructions for Authors and Statement of Editorial Policy ► AHRQ Health IT Update: HSR Call for Papers

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Instructions for Authors and Statement of Editorial Policy

AHRQ Health IT Update: HSR Call for Papers

Health Services Research Extends Call for Papers on HIT

Health Services Research has extended a request for papers for their special issue on Health Information Technology (HIT). The issue will feature research that demonstrates trends in adoption and meaningful use of health IT and the role of health IT in enabling improvements in health care delivery and outcomes. Topics of special interest include building HIT infrastructure, developing innovative approaches to performance measurement, and translating short term HIT investments into measurable improvements in cost, quality and population health. The deadline for submissions is December 28, 2012. For more information please refer to the guidelines available at: http://www.hsr.org/hsr/information/authors/instrucauthors.jsp

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HSR - Health Services Research

Impacting Health Practice and Policy Through State-of-the-Art Research and Thinking

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Instructions for Authors and Statement of Editorial Policy
Download the Instructions (PDF)

Table of Contents
 The Vision and Mission of HSR
 Specific Areas of Research Targeted by HSR
 Five Types of Peer-Reviewed Manuscripts in Regular Issues
 Publication in Print and Electronically
 Special Issues and Theme Issues
 External Peer Review Process
 Requirement of Original Manuscripts and Disclosure of Prior Dissemination
 Additional Material Published in HSR
 Preparation of Manuscript to Submit to HSR
 Disclosures and Criteria for Determining Authors and Other Contributors
 Disclosures about Potential Conflicts and Funding
 Supplementary Materials
 Copyediting and Publication
Offprints and Reprints
 Permissions to reprint articles from HSR in new collective work
Section 1: The Vision and Mission of HSR
The primary purpose of Health Services Research is to provide researchers and public and private policymakers with the latest research findings, methods, and concepts regarding the financing, organization, delivery, evaluation, and outcomes of health services, and with analysis of their relationships to clinical practice, management, and policy. Additionally, HSR provides a mechanism for linking the various disciplines engaged in health services research and for disseminating the results to those charged with improving the health of individuals and communities and setting evidence-based policy.

VISION: To be the preferred outlet for:
  • Dissemination of the findings of original investigations that expand knowledge and understanding of the broad field of health care and that help to improve the health of individuals and communities
  • Analysis and discussion of the implications of these findings for clinical practice, management, and policy in both U.S. and global contexts
KEY VALUES: ∞ Scientific Integrity ∞Timeliness ∞ Methodological Rigor ∞ Creativity ∞ Policy and Practice Relevance ∞ Clarity of Thought and Expression ∞ Significance ∞ Originality

MISSION: To further our vision and values by publishing thoughtful, timely, rigorously conducted, state-of-the-art research articles and commentary and that are widely disseminated and meet the highest standards of scientific peer review.

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