sábado, 6 de octubre de 2012

New This Week from HealthIT.gov

New This Week from HealthIT.gov
HealthIT.gov is your source for current news and developments on health IT technology, resources on EHR (electronic health records) implementation and lessons learned from others in the field on their journey to Health IT adoption.
Newsroom – Visit our newsroom to read press releases, latest Health IT news, fact sheets; meet ONC leaders, and learn about what we do.
Health IT Buzz Blog – Since 2009, ONC has published many blogs to provide information on health IT initiatives and HITECH program activities. For instance, do you know the difference between EMR and EHR? One of our most popular blogs, EMR vs EHR – What is the Difference, discusses that difference and the benefits of using EHRs in healthcare. We’ve also included links to two of our most recent blog posts:
Please join our discussion and our efforts to improve the quality of health care through health IT.

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