domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2016

Join us Nov. 8th at 1:15pm ET for a Facebook Live Event during Forensics@NIST 2016!

Forensics at NIST

Take a behind the scenes tour at NIST! Join us for a Facebook Live event on Tuesday, Nov. 8, at 1:15pm ET, when research chemist Jessica Staymates will present some of NIST’s latest research aimed at detecting trace amounts of explosives and narcotics. This research contributes to NIST’s efforts to support the law enforcement and forensic science communities.
Interested in learning what NIST is doing to strengthen forensic science? Join us at Forensics@NIST2016, where Jessica’s colleagues will present their latest research in firearms identification, fingerprint analysis, DNA mixture analysis and more.
Register for the Live Webcast Starting at 8:30am November 8th and 9th!

Facebook Live with Jessica Staymates

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