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Open Enrollment Begins Today

Open Enrollment Begins Today

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The Marketplace is open for business starting today. Sign up to get quality health insurance for 2017.

5 tips about the health insurance marketplace

Open Enrollment for 2017 health plans starts today. Here are five tips about the Health Insurance Marketplace.
  1. The Marketplace is for people without health coverage.
  2. 2017 Open Enrollment runs from November 1, 2016, through January 31, 2017. Learn more about key deadlines.
  3. What you pay for insurance depends on your income — and you’ll probably save. Most consumers will be able to select a plan for less than $75 per month. See plans and prices to learn more.
  4. You can apply for coverage four ways: online, by phone, with in-person help, or with a paper application.
  5. If you don’t sign up for 2017 health insurance, you may have to pay a fee. Learn more about the fee.
Don’t miss important Open Enrollment reminders and deadlines! Sign upfor email or text message updates, and connect with on social media.
Open Enrollment Begins Today

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