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PH WINS | State Public Health | ASTHO

PH WINS | State Public Health | ASTHO

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The Public Health Workforce Interests and Needs Survey (PH WINS) is the first nationally representative survey of individual state health agency workers. More than 10,000 public health workers from 37 state health agencies participated.
See our summary report of key findings and recent articles on ASTHO's blog.
ASTHO, in partnership with the de Beaumont Foundation, engaged individuals from national partner organizations in a strategic visioning process to prioritize workforce development efforts. Participants met and ultimately prioritized the following three skills:
  1. Systems thinking
  2. Communicating persuasively
  3. Change management/ flexibility/adaptability
ASTHO and de Beaumont surveyed public health workers about these workforce development priorities, the workplace environment, and key national initiatives. The three major aims of the survey were:
  1. To inform future investments in workforce development
  2. To establish a baseline of key workforce development metrics
  3. To explore workforce attitudes, morale, and climate
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