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AHRQ Announces Schedule for MONAHRQ Data File Releases

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AHRQ Announces Schedule for MONAHRQ Data File Releases
AHRQ Announces Schedule for MONAHRQ Data File Releases
The MONAHRQ project will continue to be supported through September 26, 2017, and during this time AHRQ expects to release data quarterly.  
AHRQ will provide updated data files for the CMS data, and accommodate any changes that need to be reflected in MONAHRQ for measure changes from CMS data files, the AHRQ QIs, and the MS-DRGs/MDC software.  Please note, however, that due to resource constraints, if major changes occur to data files used by MONAHRQ, releases may happen less frequently.     
We also want to highlight the fact that MONAHRQ users can generate a website up until September 26, 2017 with full technical support from AHRQ and use the most up-to-date data files. If generated at that time, the website may be suitable for their audience needs into 2018.
These support activities will allow users more time to either learn how to use the MONAHRQ software independently, or allow them additional time to secure another alternative platform for their public or private reporting activities.
For more information or to download the most recent version of MONAHRQ, please visit:
We thank you for your continued interest in MONAHRQ. If you have questions or would like to talk with a member of the MONAHRQ team, please contact us at


More About MONAHRQ:
MONAHRQ® is innovative, free, website-generating software from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. This desktop software enables any organization to create a public or private website quickly and easily.  The websites provide understandable, evidence-based health care reports for consumers, providers, policy makers, and others for use in improving transparency and the safety, quality and affordability of health care.

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