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Open Enrollment is here!

Open Enrollment is here!

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Open Enrollment for Health Insurance is Here!

The fourth Open Enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace has begun. Americans are able to visit HealthCare.gov to shop for and enroll in an affordable health plan for 2017.  In launching open enrollment, HHS Secretary Burwell commented, “This Open Enrollment, we’re encouraging every American who might need coverage to visit HealthCare.gov, where they’ll find options for affordable health insurance. This year, the vast majority of consumers will qualify for tax credits that help keep coverage affordable, and it’s easier than ever to shop around and compare options.  As we sound today’s opening bell, let’s also take stock of the historic gains in coverage we’ve made as a country, and work together to continue that progress.”
This year, we’ll be using social media more than ever before to get the word out to consumers to #GetCovered. It’s more important than ever that we share key messages about Open Enrollment:
  • Financial help is available to help keep coverage affordable.
  • Signing up is easier and faster than ever.
  • Help is available! Free, confidential help can be found in person or by phone.
  • All consumers will have choices, and can compare plans by total costs, doctor network, or covered prescriptions.
  • December 15 is the deadline if you want to be covered at the start of the new year.
HHS has developed an Open Enrollment Social Media Toolkit full of resources to help you participate in these efforts. The toolkit includes key Open Enrollment messages, graphics and video, a social media calendar and more. It will be updated throughout Open Enrollment #4 and will be your one-stop-shop for #GetCovered content.
Specific to our faith-based and community partners, the 2017 Health Care Law Toolkit - PDF can help faith and community leaders learn and educate others about the health care law. You can also check out the Tools for Faith Days of Action for how to be involved in our days of action happening on November 11-13, December 19-23, and January 16-20.  Also consider signing up for one of the upcoming Webinars to learn more about the Affordable Care Act.  
The HHS Partnership Center is excited to kick off the first Faith and Community Weekend of Action on November 11-13 by highlighting the importance of encouraging men to sign up for affordable health insurance. It’s an opportunity to focus on the health of our fathers, sons, brothers, and friends.  To support men’s health and encourage the men  in our lives to enroll,  we are asking ladies to wear blue at services in faith and community settings during the weekend of November 11th through the 13th.  You can use this flyer on our website to increase awareness about Ladies Wear Blue in your community
Please spread the word about the importance of men’s health and enrolling by taking a picture that weekend wearing blue and sharing your photo on social media using the hashtag #LadiesWearBlue. 

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