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NCHS Data Briefs Update

Products - Data Briefs - Homepage

Products - Data Briefs - Homepage
NCHS Data Briefs
Data Briefs are statistical publications that provide information about current public health topics in a straightforward format. Each report takes a complex data subject and summarizes it in text and graphics that provide readers with easily comprehensible information in a compact publication.
Full text (.PDF) files are linked to each item appearing in these lists. If for any reason a .PDF file does not exist, a note will indicate that fact. Paper copies of Data Brief reports may be available for review in a Federal Depository or health sciences library near you.
Citation of the source is appreciated when using quotations from National Center for Health Statistics publications. Please see How to Cite NCHS Publications for examples.
No. 94. Trends in Asthma Prevalence, Health Care Use, and Mortality in the United States, 2001–2010. 8 pp. (PHS) 2012-1209 . May 2012. Adobe PDF file [PDF - 681 KB]
No. 93. Osteoporosis or Low Bone Mass at the Femur Neck or Lumbar Spine in Older Adults: United States, 2005–2008. 8 pp. (PHS) 2012-1209 . April 2012. Adobe PDF file [PDF - 748 KB]
No. 92. Total and High-density Lipoprotein Cholesterol in Adults: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2009–2010. 8 pp. (PHS) 2012-1209 . April 2012. Adobe PDF file [PDF - 512 KB]
No. 91. Residents Living in Residential Care Facilities: United States, 2010. 8 pp. (PHS) 2012-1209 . April 2012. Adobe PDF file [PDF - 500 KB]

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