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National Health Statistics Reports: Products - NHSR - Homepage

Products - NHSR - Homepage

National Health Statistics Reports

Notice: Effective January 2008 the title, National Health Statistics Reports (NHSR), replaces Advance Data from Vital and Health Statistics (AD). NHSRs will be numbered sequentially beginning with 1. The last AD report number is 395.
These reports provide annual data summaries, present analyses of health topics, or present new information on methods or measurement issues.
Full text (.PDF) files are linked to each item appearing in these lists. If for any reason a .PDF file does not exist, a note will indicate that fact. Paper copies of NHSRs may be available for review in a Federal DepositoryExternal Web Site Icon or health sciences library near you.
Citation of the source is appreciated when using quotations from the National Center for Health Statistics publications. Please see How to Cite NCHS Publications for examples.

No. 53. Health Characteristics of Medicare Traditional Fee-for-Service and Medicare Advantage Enrollees: 1999–2004 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Linked to 2007 Medicare Data. 13 pp. (PHS) 2012-1250 . May 3, 2012. Adobe PDF file [PDF - 178 KB]

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